I’m Kwon Dong-in President of International University Exchange Center. Recruiting Korean Students to universities in Wisconsin. UW-Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, STOUT, UW-Colleges, Concordia University Wisconsin, St. Norbert college and MATC.

Thank you for coming to visit us with your intention to study in Wisconsin, U.S.

Starting with the first Representative Agreement with UW-Platteville of the University of Wisconsin in 2010, the Office of Education & Recruiting for Universities in Wisconsin has grown into one of the top global human resources development institute in Korea.

In addition, it was selected as the official vocational training institute of the South Chungcheong Provincial Office of Education in 2012, and has been recognized for its excellence. In 2013, it has played the role of international exchange of higher education institutions in Korea and has fostered global talent through MOUs between domestic high schools and Wisconsin Universities, including Jeollanam-do Office of Education and Jeongeui Girls’ High School. We were awarded the honors Education Institute as an excellent global abroad educational institution by the Korean Council on Foreign Relations in 2016.

We are a reliable education institute that built a reputation through recruiting, education and management of students who plan to study in Wisconsin for a long period of time.

Our brilliant educational results and successful social advancement of our students is a proud achievement of Wisconsin Universities Korea Representative.

We will continue to focus on nurturing the best human resources with international language core and global practical skills by visiting our partner universities in Wisconsin. And I will take the lead in providing the best education program, maximum scholarship opportunities, complete campus life management, and optimal career consulting.

By further systemizing our study to Wisconsin, we will do our best to globalize and future Korean students’ perspectives.

Please take the first step to Wisconsin to make your dream come true with International Universities Exchange Center.


President, Wisconsin Universities Korea representative

위스콘신대학교 한국대표│대표: 권동인

06083 서울시 강남구 영동대로 602 미켈란 2F (주)국제대학교류원

사업자번호: 211-88-48198 TEL: 02-548-0570   |  FAX: 02-548-0579


The IUEC is not a branch or office of any of the universities or institutions in the University of Wisconsin System in South Korea or any other jurisdiction. 

IUEC는 위스콘신 주립 대학교 (University of Wisconsin System) 소속 대학교나 기관이 대한민국 또는 기타 관할권에서 운영하는 지부가 아닙니다. 

The IUEC is not the sole representative of any of the universities or institutions in the University of Wisconsin System in South Korea or any other jurisdiction for recruiting students to study in Wisconsin.

IUEC 는 대한민국에서 위스콘신주립대학교 소속 대학교나, 위스콘신 주 유학 프로그램을 통해 학생을 모집하는 유일한 기관이 아닙니다.  

The IUEC does not have authority to grant admission to any of the universities in the University of Wisconsin System or any university in Wisconsin.

IUEC에는 지원자에게 위스콘신주립대학교 소속 대학교나 위스콘신 주 소재 대학교 입학 허가를 부여할 권한이 없습니다.